Wynter is a multi-purpose bot ready to help bring excitement to your furry server!

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Wynter is a fully fledged multi function furry bot for discord.

What are some examples of what it can do?

  • Ability to add logging to your server. Need to see when people join? When people have been banned? Want logs of channels created? Messages edited/deleted? Wynter is for you.

  • Fully fledged warning system. Wynter allows you to warn a misbehaving user for any given reason. Austin is posting NSFW again? A warn shall sort him right out. Warnings are sent to the user and logged in the case logs channel.

  • Hackban command, allowing you to ban multiple users at once, even if they aren’t in your server.

  • Fun commands for your users Do your users like to cuddle? Boop each other? Kiss even? Maybe they want a drink from a fully fledged menu system. Wynter offers this.

  • Lots more

Website: https://furrycentr.al Documentation: https://docs.furrycentr.al