The discord bot for stoners.

Update: Discord verified! ✅

With over 1970+ strains to lookup in our database, Cannabot provides you with informative data such as the race, positive, negative and medical effects along with flavour notes and a detailed description of the strain you select. It’s google for weed, for discord. (:

Well, how does one use it?

It’s fairly simple! Add it to your server, and get started with the command >help. I know some people might wanna overview the commands first, so let me put the main ones here so you get the general gist:

>search | >search <strain> - Search for a strain.

The search command will also try to find suggestions based on your query.

>nugporn - Weed porn!

>flavours - All the possible flavour notes of Cannabis.

>races - Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids in our DB!

>edu | >edu <topic> - Education about Cannabis, e.g Culture or THC!

>radio | >disconnect - Play the Stoner Radio! Broadcasts Stoner favorites across VC’s.

>recipes - Recipes! Make your own edibles with these guides.

The bot is not very command heavy, I designed this to be light and easy to use for the stoned minds in need. So, if you happen to be one of those people (yes, you) then feel free to invite and use away! Even feel free to join the discord support server and show off your dank in there, I’ll add it to the nugporn command if its worthy! (it probably is)


I do not enforce the use of this Cannabis. It is still a drug and should be used in moderation. It is still illegal in many states and countries (eventhough it shouldn’t be!) and no matter what, the law must be enforced, be a god boi! or girl. With all said, enjoy weed google.

Lots of love, Made for the community with ❤️🍁.