Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot with a card currency game, utility and moderation.

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Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot. Run zb:help to get started, or you can ping the bot if you do not know its prefix. The prefix can be different in servers.

Firstly, Zecrobuddy has a card currency game. In this game, you can generate stars, crowns and specials(which are the three types of currencies of the bot). You can buy one of the 11 card types, which do different things such as generating stars or different currencies or protecting you when going to the mall. In this game, you can also go to the mall where you can deposit, convert between currencies, gamble and buy gift cards. You can give stars, crowns and specials to other people. As well as hacking/virusing them for their stars/crowns and maybe even breaking some of their cards along the way. Although, you might get caught and get fined a solid amount of stars/crowns.

This bot contains some utility features such as setting timers which will send you a DM to remind you of the note you enter. You can also check information on users, channels, etc. Finally, Zecrobuddy has some moderation commands such as purging, kicking and banning.

We hope you enjoy using the bot.