Improve your Discord server with the various features of Heert'z bot.

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Heert’z Bot

Heert’z is a french bot developed for everyone with simple and powerful commands. Heert’z takes advantage of music, utility and moderation commands. Simple to use, it is accessible to all with a simplified syntax and an intuitive use. Heert’z is the only bot you need.

Here is a summary of the commands provided by Heert’z. For further information, go to our website. In case of problems go to the support server.

Music :

  • .join Join the voice channel you are in.
  • .play Play linked music with a link. Example : .play https://youtube.com/watch?v=videolink
  • .stop Leave the voice channel in which it is located.

Utility :

  • .avatar Displays user profile picture. Example : .avatar @user
  • .embed Displays your message as a personalized embed. Example : .embed yourmessage
  • .search Allows you to perform a quick search with keywords. Example : .search How to cook pasta
  • .server-info Displays detailed information of the server on which you are ordering.

Moderation :

  • .ban Banned mentioned user. Example : .ban @user reason
  • .kick Kick mentioned user. Example : .kick @user reason
  • .clear Delete a given number of messages. Example : .clear 15
  • .mute Allows to mute an user for a specific time.
  • .unmute

Other :

  • .bot Provide additional information from Heert’z.
  • .help Displays the bot help menu.
  • .invite Allows you to display the different Heert’z add links.
  • .ping Calculate the latency of the discordant client.
  • .uptime Generate the start-up time for Heert’z.
  • .vote Displays promotion links from different SEO sites.

To add Heert’z to your discord server, follow this link : invite.