Spice up your server with fun, mod, math, and utility commands.

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Dripman has multiple commands to offer!

  • Fun Commands

    • Slots, 8ball, insult, choose, coinflip, say, reverse.
      • Slots command is a slots machine with a chance of winning.
      • Use 8ball command to ask Dripman any question for a response.
      • Use insult command to insult someone with an epic line.
      • Use choose command ask between two options.
  • Math Commands

    • Add, subtract, divide, multiply.
      • Obviously you know what these do.
  • Simple Moderation Commands

    • Block, unblock, wash.
      • Block command allows yoy to block a used from a channel.
      • Unblock command unblocks a user from a channel.
      • Wash command purges an amount of messages in bulk (max 100).
  • Configuration Commands

    • Userinfo, serverinfo, avatar.
      • Userinfo views information of a user.
      • Serverinfo view information of a guild/server.
      • Avatar views a users profile picture.