Preserver is a Multi-Purpose Bot that will make your life easier in managing your Discord Servers.

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Preserver has different features such as Fun, Leveling, Role Management, Custom Prefixes and more that can be modified using commands.

Type of Commands:

  • Public Commands

8ball, afk, avatar, botinfo, cooldown, daily, donate, help, invite, ping, rank, serverinfo, ship, status, whois

  • Fun Commands

jumble, jumbletop

  • Donator Commands

remindme, weekly

  • Moderator Commands

ban, clearwarn, infractions, kick, mute, purge, temporaryban, unban, unmute, warn

  • Administrator Commands

autoleave, autolist, autowelcome, logmessage, rolecount, roleusers, setautorole, setchannelname, setprefix, settopic

Additional Information!

  • To be caught up about the updates for Preserver. Just join our support server. All updates and all information are in the server so make sure to check it out.

Note: To have access to Donator Commands, you can [ Donate ] ( to use which will help us with continuing our project and will give you access to more features that are not listed above.