Swift is a multi-purpose bot focused on end-user experience, functionality and a pleasing design.

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Swift features many features, it aims to accomplish functionality along with pleasing design & looks.

It achieves this many way, here are some examples:

  • Fully functional Moderation system which features case management and the ability to sync normal bans through right click with cases.
  • A Levelling system per-server and global filled with features such as transferring levelling data from other bots and many others that other bots do not offer at all or not for free. It features levelling rewards, multipliers, the ability to customize your rank card, rank up management for channel, the type of rank up message you want e.g. embed and rank up text customization.
  • Other Utility commands to spice up your day and make things easier for you, this includes things such as displaying someones avatar, displaying an emote as an image and getting info of a server/role/user.
  • A set of Fun commands to keep you entertained and prevent you from being bored.
  • Many Weeb commands to help you find information about an anime, hug, pat, kiss and slap yourself/someone else.
  • A robust settings management system to help you tweak every single part of Swift to your liking.

A full list of commands can be found on the website