Fyre The Cleaner

Fyre The Cleaner

Ban History for users, A bot for LGBT Servers to alert you of people banned on larger LGBT/Trans servers

discord.js fy!

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This is a discord bot designed for LGBT/Trans servers with a database full of the bans from larger LGBT/Trans servers

all the bans in our database are from larger trusted/responsible servers or from Pridefall leaks

When someone joins the server you can use the command *inspect <userID/tag> example 299709641271672832 or “Conni!~#0920” this will display information about that users ban if they are banned else it will tell you they are not known to the db

*checkall will check all existing users to see if they are known as being bad people

You can add to our database by contacting me on discord and proving you can be trusted Conni!~#0920

commands (everyone) -

<prefix>checkall - scans every user in the server against the db -

<prefix>inspect <mention/id> - scans a user against the db -
<prefix>newusers <count> - lists users sorted by join date new first -
<prefix>oldusers <count> - lists users sorted by join date old first -
<prefix>botstats - returns the stats of the bot and what it is up to rn -
<prefix>info - get bot version and creators discord tag -
extra commands (verified servers) - -
<prefix>submit - starts the process of manuely adding someone to the db -