A multipurpose verified discord bot with useful utility commands!

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Axia is a multi-utility bot that contains many useful commands and management systems! This bot is well known for its use of customizable suggestion command. Also, it’s online 24/7 (other than small downtime). Furthermore, has 20+ useful commands for you and your server and it’s being updated every week!

Getting started

Start by running the setup command, the command will lead you to setup your suggest channel, report channel and mute role. For more help run the help command or join our support server.

List of commands

Most of the commands are listed here

  • Default bot permission are SEND_MESSAGES and VIEW_CHANNEL
  • Args labeled with ^ are optional
  • Use the command ‘deletedata’ if you want to delete your data from my database
CommandInformationArgsAliasesBot Permissions
8ballAnswers the question, you provide<question>noneSEND_MESSAGES
imageDisplays a image must be in a nsfw channel<search>noneSEND_MESSAGES
embedEmbeds any message that you send<message>saySEND_MESSAGES
weatherTells you the weather of a location<location> (city)nonSEND_MESSAGES
calculateCalculates your math question<equation>calSEND_MESSAGES
memeSends a random meme from a subredditnonenoneSEND_MESSAGES
slowmodeSlowmode for a a certain time<secs>noneMANAGE_CHANNELS
kickRemoves a member from the server<member mention>noneKICK_MEMBERS
banBans a member from the server<member mention>noneBAN_MEMBERS
unbanUnbans a member from the server<member id>noneBAN_MEMBERS
warnWarns a member from the server<member mention>noneSEND_MESSAGES
warnsChecks the warns for a user<member mention>noneSEND_MESSAGES
muteMutes a member from the server<member mention>shutupMANAGE_ROLES
unmuteUnmutes a member from the server<member mention>unshutupMANAGE_ROLES
inviteCommand currently being worked onnonenoneSEND_MESSAGES
pingDisplays the ping or api lag I am gettingnonenoneSEND_MESSAGES
whoisShows relevant information for the member<member mention>userinfoSEND_MESSAGES
serverinfoShows relevant information for the servernonenoneSEND_MESSAGES
botinfoShows information about the botnonenoneSEND_MESSAGES
suggestA simple suggest command<channel (1 time only)> <suggestion>noneSEND_MESSAGES
triviaShows a trivia question for you to answernonetrivSEND_MESSAGES
rpsPlay a game of rock paper scissors^<rock> ^<sissors> ^<paper>noneSEND_MESSAGES