Hello Friends this is the Advanced Discord Bot made me. This bot is having 210+ commands.

The Default Prefix is "." you can change it by using command .prefix {newPrefix}.

Ok now i will explain about Categories with some deatiles.

๐Ÿ’  ADMIN ๐Ÿ’ 

โ—ฝYou can make custom commands with the command addcmd and you can delete the command by using delcmd.There are Max number of Moderation commands like Kick, Ban, Lockchannel, Mute, Nuke, Deafen, Voicekick, Voicemute, Setwelcomemsg, Stealemoji, Etc..,


โ—ฝThere are so many animals commands it have fun like Alpaca, Bear, Bird, Bunny, Camel, Cat, Catfact, Duck, Fox, Koala, Lizard, Llama, Etc..,.


โ—ฝThere are 15+ Economy commands to get the best Economy setup in server the commands like Addmoney, Balance, Buy, Dice, Moneyleaderboard, Pay, Etc..,.


โ—ฝWe every like so much of games here are some best to play games like 8ball, Advice, Ascii, Bet, Block, Calc, Happiness, Iq, Etc..,.


โ—ฝHere are some commands for images to have a look like Amazeme, Amazingearth, Baka, Changemymind, Clyde, Cuddle, Etc..,.

And I want to say they are Music, Giveway, ticket, reactionroles, Etcโ€ฆ, Commands are there.

=>Some many commands are there to say but the word got limited.

If you Found any error or bug you report to with the command bugreport or you can suggest(Give feedback) us with the command feedback