Azerty was developed with simplicity in mind, it is a very user-friendly discord bot with features such as moderation.

Discord4J az!

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Welcome to Azerty’s DiscordBots page.

Soon supported features:

  • listroles
  • iam
  • iamnot
  • voteredeem


  • Much Roleplay-Commands as hug, cuddle, kiss, etc.


  • az!gif [Topic] is on work, please be a patient


Moderation Commands:

  • kick, warn, tempban, permaban, unban,
  • userinfo, channelinfo, roleinfo,
  • purge, serverinfo, clear, mute, unmute

Info Commands:

  • help, privacy, setprefix

Fun Commands

  • bite, clap, cry, kiss, hug, smile,
  • lick, highfive, slap, shoot, laugh,
  • punch, shrug, shy, facepalm, pat,
  • run, sad, greet, stare, poke,
  • die, stomp, cuddle, status, ping,
  • info, vote, meme, avatar, cat, dog,
  • drake, howgay, peaceful, helpmelon,
  • minemelon, dailymelon, searchmelon, melonbal,
  • coinflip, rps, 8ball, fancy, facereveal, hack,
  • changemymind, covid, neko, waifu, morsea,
  • funfact, mcaccount, twitchmod, wasted, credits
  • credits, daily, casino, remindme, protection

Version: Azerty 6.1.5 | Developed by: No Name#4955