Galaxy ANVIP

Galaxy ANVIP

This a fun, utility, moderation, made by Galaxy ANV͇̿I͇̿P͇̿#9664 which is 24/7 online

discord.js v.

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Minecraft commands: mcskin, mcserver, hypixelstats Fun commands: meme, coronameme, impostor, fakehack, trigerred Moderation commands: kick, ban, setwelcome, setgoodbye, slowmode, setprefix, addemoji Utility Commands: covid, ping, help, docs, npm, userinfo, binary, uptime, youtubestats, snipe Anime Commands: anime, waifu, Animals commands: birb, panda, cat and more NSFW ? this bot don’t have NSFW commands MUSIC: Play [Play A Music] Skip [Skip Current Queue] Stop [Stop Current Queue] Loop [Repeat Current Queue] Nowplay [Show Current Playing Song] Lyrics [Search Lyrics!] Remove [Remove Music Queue] Volume [Change Current Volume] Search [Search Music] Shuffle [Shuffle Next Queue!] Queue [Show Current Music Queue]

Dont be sad or emotinal because its just commands and used for fun. if any region/country/peoples is determied to bad then its by mistake just report it at our server the trusted in 60000+ users and 40+ servers to see proof or u dont belive just do v.status thank u and just be free to invite or join the support server of bot.

if you found bug or commands doesn’t work please report with commands (bug)