ParrotBot is one of the best music bot which plays music 24/7.

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is one of the best music bot which plays music 24/7.

There is more than 30 commands, each one more useful than the others.

Mention @ParrotBot or type ??help to get the commands list.


lang - Change the bot language

prefix - Change the bot prefix

prefix - Change the bot prefix

play - Play music

controller - Get the music controller

lyrics - Send the lyrics of a music

volume - Change the music volume

loop - Toggle music loop

nowplaying - Show the currently playing music

stop - Stop the music and clear the queue

skip - Skip the current song

pause - Pause/resume music

playlist - Add a playlist to the queue

shuffle - Shuffle the queue

queue - Show to server queue

filter - Add music filter

announce - Toggle bot announce (when a song start)

jump - Jump to a song in the queue

remove - Remove a song from the queue

seek - Sets the song position to the specified position

search - Play music via an advanced search

help - Send the list of all available commands

stats - Send the bot stats

discord - Send the support server invite link

invite - Send the bot invite link

ping - Send the bot latency

uptime - Send the bot uptime

vote - Send the bot upvote link