A Music Bot where you can listen to music from youtube and also create unlimited playlist within the bot, with customizable prefix.

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  • A Music Bot where you can listen to music from youtube and create unlimited playlists within the bot with customizable prefix.


  • Music Commands
    • addplaylist - Take a list from youtube an push all vids to the queue.
    • autoplay - Play related track when in the end of the queue.
    • join - Join your current voice channel.
    • jump - Relatively jump to index of track queue (it is a skip).
    • jumpto - Jump to an index.
    • leave - Leave voice channel.
    • loadplaylist - Basic regular expression such as asterisk or caret are allowed. If client received 2 or more playlists, itll take a random playlists. And then pushed to the guild queue.
    • loop - Loop current playing track.
    • lyrics - Get lyrics of any song.
    • nowplaying - Show full information of the current track and the voice state.
    • pause - Pause current stream.
    • play - Play audio from youtube.
    • queue - Show queue.
    • removeno - Remove given number from queue list.
    • removeplaylist - If there any playlist with the same name, all of those playlist will be deleted. Regex for this command is not allowed and the argument is case sensitive.
    • resume - Resume current stream.
    • save - Save queue to database.
    • seek - See current watch/listen time.
    • showplaylist - Show playlist from database.
    • shuffle - Randomize next playing track.
    • stop - Stop current Track and move to the end of queue.
    • volume - Set volume of current audio stream from range 1-130.
  • Other Commands
    • help - Shows all the commands in your DMs.
    • prefix - Sets the guild prefix or shows the current guild prefix and its usage.